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ACT II: Transforming Parker Playhouse

The curtain rose for the first time at Parker Playhouse in February 1967. It was the opening of Act I of Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple, but it also represented the first act for a new theater ushering in an era of cultural development in South Florida. Artistically and architecturally, this neo-classical building would become a landmark in our community.

The importance of Parker Playhouse cannot be overstated. It helped transform Fort Lauderdale from a sleepy beach town best known for spring break into a vibrant community bursting with theatrical activity and artistic engagement. Now, more than fifty years later, it is time for Act II at Parker Playhouse. A $25 million capital campaign will fund this second act which will restore the iconic venue so that we may continue to provide outstanding artistic, educational and cultural programming for generations to come. The theater, beloved for its storied past, will reach new heights in its future.

Join us for Act II and help transform Parker Playhouse.